Tiny Backpacks

I love the tiny backpack trend: how their size is antithetical to their purpose: how the girls are always ready for the cute apocalypse.

It seems a miniature gesture at control: one that says: So the world may be ending, at least I will look fabulous. And indeed, the world is always ending. Our tiny backpacks are filled with the detritus of working to live: little lip glosses and gums, wrappers and hair ties. Working to rend ourselves visible, or invisible: whichever seems preferable to the specific rapture: our tiny Go Bags ready for either situation: both shunning attention with utilitarian shape and drawing attention with fashionable size. We know how the end goes because it came and went and came again: we know who is getting left behind.

Sophie Dillon

Sophie Dillon


is still figuring it out.

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